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The Peugeot Grinders take the normal size, dried peppercorns. That is what they are designed for. Some of the larger peppercorns available on the market are so large that they cannot drop down into the grinding mechanism, so you do need to be careful.... (More...)

Which acrylic salt mills take rock salt?

(23rd January 2007 10:51)
Hello Do you have something you can email me regarding your acrylic salt mills (for rock salt), please? Thanks Liz Dear Liz Thanks for your interest in our salt mills. All of them will take rock salt. I tthink that the... (More...)

A supplier of Kosher Salt

(24th December 2006 10:27)
We have managed to locate a supplier of Kosher salt for those who like it for religious, health or culinary reasons The Redmond Real Salt, Gourmet Kosher Sea Salt has been tested in the PEUGEOT salt grinders and works! It has won a best quality... (More...)

What is Kosher Salt?

(21st November 2006 14:30)
Do your salt mills come with Kosher salt in them? Sharon, Dear Sharon The salt supplied in the PEUGEOT mills (and not all of the mills are filled) is natural, additive free sea salt. I have had conflicting opinions on whether this makes it Kosher... (More...)
Dear Claire I've tried my usual Malden Salt in my Lievin salt mill and also a dry sea salt, but the mill keeps getting clogged. Do you have a brand you can recommend? Tony Dear Tony Most of the Malden salts are "wet" salts that require either a... (More...)
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