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How to replace the batteries in the Peugeot Electric Elis Mills

9th February 2010 12:03

Several customers have recently enquired how to replace the batteries in their Peugeot Elis Electric Pepper or Salt Mills or in the Peugeot Altea Mills (the Altea is now a discontinued line).

Below is a step by step guide on how to do this. There are also detailed instructions in the Peugeot instruction and warranty booklet that will have been supplied with the mills.

There are a series of steps to replacing the batteries:

  • You must unlock the chamber from the motor. There are two symbols on the acrylic case, an open padlock and a closed padlock. Simply hold onto the base of the mill and twist the shaft anti-clockwise until the arrow beneath the Peugeot logo moves from the locked position to the unlocked position.
  • Once you have done this, invert the top section of the mill so you are able to look inside it. On the inside you will see a central hole for the spindle and two black pieces of plastic either side. Look at the mill so the logo of the lion is furthest from you, you will see a small open padlock symbol under the spindle hole. There is an arrow on each side of this symbol pointing in - relating to the two bits of black plastic. Put a pen/small knife/cocktail stick or similar in the space between the mill edge and the outer most bit of the black plastic and push it towards the centre. You will feel it click into place. Once this has been done for each side you can remove the inner part of the mill
  • You will now be able to see the batteries around the outside of the shaft. To remove the batteries start with the middle one on each side. At the bottom of the batteries you will see a plastic lever that can be pushed down. This will release the spring and you can slide out the middle battery. You will then have access to the sides of the remaining batteries on each side.

To fit the new batteries simply follow the above steps in reverse.

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