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Advice on what salt to use in a Peugeot Salt Mill

24th January 2018 09:58

Q The Peugeot salt mill that we bought below isn't working too well. However, that could be due to our use of finer salt to mill. Do you know what the recommended salt grain is for the mill to work well? Should we clean it out? We did have rock salt in there at one time but I can't remember it working well then either. We currently use Himalayan salt. Thanks for your advice and information.

A Hi , Thanks for your email. You need to be using hard, salt crystals, not flakes, and not soft salt. The test is whether you can break a crystal between thumb and forefinger. If you can break it, then your salt is too soft and it will clog the mechanism. Yes, it is a good idea to clear out the mill, but don't unscrew the mechanism at the bottom as you will have trouble putting it back together again. Once cleared, then try a hard salt, as described above. The Himalayan salt can be too soft, but it does all depend on the brand. Tidman's rock salt is sold in many supermarkets and this will work in the mills. If you are in a humid place, or if you leave the salt mill in a moist environment (eg cooking with it over a steaming pan) then this can also cause clogging so it is always worth cleaning out the mill every now and then, whatever salt you use.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes, Claire

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