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U select or non U select Peugeot Paris Pepper Mills?

18th March 2016 09:13

Q Dear Sir/Madam

I am currently looking to buy a Peugeot Paris Chocolate Pepper Mill as seen on your website. We are deciding between a 27cms (With U-Select) or alternatively the 30cms (No U-Select). Is there a discernible difference in the quality of the respective mechanisms of the U-select vs. top knob adjustment given the difference in price (RRP £43 vs. £45). I realise the former is actually on offer at £37. I am ultimately looking for the best quality mill with the most robust mechanism regardless of price. I understand they both feature the Lifetime guarantee on the mechanism and a 1 year guarantee on the mill body. But ultimately in your experience, which do you receive the most returns for or the most praise? Any help or advice which can steer me would be much appreciated. Kind regards Patrick.

A Hi Patrick

Thanks for your email. All the Peugeot pepper mills have the same internal grinding mechanism. The U select vs the top knob adjustment is an extra. In terms of robustness, there is not much between these two on the Paris mills. On some Peugeot models, the U select is weaker, but with the Peugeot Paris mills it is very solid. It is the U select model that is most popular and we buy in bulk, hence the good price. I guess if you want the least risk, then go for the mill with the least engineering which is the non U select. This is on an approx 7 day lead time as usually we just order them in for restaurants and hotels in bulk, again.

In terms of number of returns and praise received, returns on Paris mills are rare, whether U select or non U select. They are the absolute workhorse of the Peugeot mill range and used in restaurants and hotels all over the world. The mill body on the Paris is really solid - something to consider when wanting a lifetime guaranteed mill mechanism as if a mill body falls apart, a fully functioning grinder is not much use!

When we do get problems with Paris mills, it can be a manufacturing defect on occasion, but often customers have used the wrong salt/left the mills in damp conditions and the salt mills clog. Sometimes too large peppercorns are also used which can block the pepper mechanism but this is usually easily solved. As with most things, a bit of TLC will make a big difference as to how long your mill lasts! If you keep proof of purchase, the UK Peugeot agents are very good with honouring the warranty.

Best wishes


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