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Where can I get hold of Peugeot Grinding Mechanisms?

14th March 2016 09:23

Q Hi there, My name is Sandra and I'm a designer wanting to have my local woodworker make my own pepper grinder. Do you sell the Peugeot pepper mill mechanisms on their own? If not, do you think it would be possible to get hold of? I would want to buy about 20 to start and then re-order them in about 50's at a time, or more. Kind regards, Sandra

A Hi Sandra

Thankyou for your email. However, it is not possible, as far as I know, to obtain just the Peugeot grinders. Peugeot used to supply other manufacturers with the grinders, under licence, but as far as I am aware, they now only allow their own mill bodies to be used with the grinder. Each mill whether 9cm or 100cm has the same grinding mechanism in it. Some customers buy the cheapest Peugeot pepper mill they can and then change the mill body but if you are producing in quantity, as you state below, this is expensive and Peugeot are very likely to be unhappy. I would contact Peugeot or other mill manufacturers like CrushGrind to find out. CrushGrind license out their mills to a variety of different mill manufacturers like Wesco , Aga, T&G Woodware. CrushGrind is based in Denmark but I do not have their contact details, I'm afraid.

Good luck!


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