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I'm interested in a good quality Salt and Pepper Mill Set

21st January 2016 15:56

Q I'm interested in a good quality Salt and Pepper Mill Set . I've been looking at the Peugeot Chateaneuf Salt and Pepper Mill Set 23cm Matt Black or the Peugeot Madras Salt and Pepper Mill Set 21cm . Firstly would you recommend one over the other, next is Peugeot with their uSelect the best Mills/Mechanisms. Next if they are what is the optional Stainless Steel Stand look like and what make is it. Many thanks - Chrs

A Hi Chrisl

Thankyou for your email. All the Peugeot mills have the same mechanism and yes, I think that they are the best, provided you use the recommended salt and pepper. The grinding mechanisms are designed for specific condiments so they are a master of some, but not a jack of all trades. In terms of the preference of Chateauneuf over Madras , they have the same mechanism inside, so the preference is really one of taste rather than anything else. The Madras has no spindle which is handy for refilling, but I think that the body on the Chateauneuf is probably more robust. Not alot in it really, I would go for what you like.

If what you want is the most reliable of all Peugeot mills , I would go for one without the U select. This is because the engineering is the most simple and therefore there is fewer parts to stand the test of time. You can adjust the grind setting by loosening and tightening the top knob anyway. However, again, in a domestic setting, if you prefer the U select for convenience then go with it! It is usually restaurants and hotels that order the non U select.

The stainless steel stand is from Peugeot - click to photo 2 on this link to see an image. For larger mills, you cannot carry the mills on the stand


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