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Repairing a salt mill that won't grind

20th October 2015 10:37

Q Hi, my daughter and son-in-law bought me a set of your wonderful salt and pepper mills roughly 6/7 years ago as a Christmas present. Unfortunately the salt mill has stopped grinding. As it was rather a long time ago I have no receipt or anything. I am devastated they are the only salt and pepper mills that have ever worked properly and I absolutely love them. Where should I take it to get it looked at? I love the shape of them so do not want to replace it with another. Is there anyway I can get it fixed? Kind regards Sandra (Desperate amateur cook)!

A Hi Sandra

Thanks for your email. I do not know if any "repair" service available on any of our salt and pepper mill brands other than when a customer makes a warranty claim. However, I would need to know the post code of the billing address of those who bought the mills for you. If you think you can supply this, let me know.

As a housekeeping exercise, however, it is worth checking whether your salt mill has become clogged with damp salt. This can happen over time if you use the salt mills over steaming pans, for example, or if you use a damp salt like Maldon. I would try to empty out your mill completely and turn it upside down to see if you can see any evidence of clogging salt. If you can, use a dry brush or poke with a wooden kebab skewer or similar to try to clear out the clogging.

Here is a link to our product care page

Best wishes


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