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The difference between CrushGrind pepper mills and Peugeot pepper mills

8th October 2015 09:29

Q Good day, I have a CrushGrind pepper mill that I bought some time ago from Heals in London. I've already had it replaced once because it ceased grinding. This one has now done the same. I think it's because of the ratchet mechanism. Any ideas welcomed, thanks. When it worked it was really good. I had an old Peugeot mill which worked great for 20+ years. After that the CrushGrind is something of a disappointment. Thanks for your help. Best wishes, Bryan

A Hi Bryan

Not sure what to suggest! The Peugeot pepper mill steel mechanisms are known to remain sharp for longer than the ceramic grinders that are in the CrushGrind. It maybe that you use your mill alot and the ceramic stone needs replacing. But there are many different CrushGrind mills with different size stones - have you tried Heals as you bought it from them? There is a lifetime warranty on the grinder.

CrushGrind mills are very good. They score over Peugeot mills in that they are more flexible and will grind all sorts of different condiments using the same ceramic mechanism. However, predictably, this means that they are rather more of a "jack of all trades" and master of none. Peugeot have specific grinders for each condiment but they are fussier! The pepper mills will grind standard, hard, black peppercorns only, really, and the salt mill has to have a dry, hard, salt crystal. This makes sense, when you think that they are primarily designed for restaurants and hotels. When you use Peugeot mills correctly, they are outstanding, the best mills you can get, I think. However, it depends what condiment you want to grind. The CrushGrind will grind softer, larger peppercorns and a wet sea salt so if these tickle your fancy, then the CrushGrind are better.


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