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What Salt to use in a Cole and Mason S+P Mill Set

7th July 2015 10:19

Q What sort of salt should I use?

We recently replaced our tired looking grinders for a Cole and Mason set. After a short while the salt grinder didn't seem to work so we bought a new set from John Lewis. Same thing happened. We have used the extremely expensive Maldon salt in both grinders to no effect. Also tried Saxa Coarse sea salt and neither will grind effectively. Having used our old set for years we don't understand where we are going wrong??

S. Smith

A Thanks for your email. First of all, as expensive as the Maldon Salt is, it is a wet salt flake and not a dry rock salt which is what most salt mills are designed to grind. I think this is probably the root of your problem. Changing salt once the wet salt has already been put through the grinder won't make any difference as the mechanism will already be clogged. Salt flakes, rather than being ground will simply be compressed into the teeth in the grinding mechanism effectively rendering it useless. If you want to stick with the Maldon Sea salt then I would recommend the Crushgrind mills and these are actually recommended by Maldon. The difference with these mills is that they have a ceramic mechanism which, as the name implies, crushes rather than grinds the salt. The fact that the grinders are ceramic also help prevent against corrosion caused by salt, especially wet salt.

I have included a link below to the range of Crushgrind mills on our website so you can take a look:

Crushgrind Mills

Maldon recommend the mill below for use with wet sea salt as it has the acrylic chamber which again helps prevent any corrosion caused by the salt:

Crushgrind Classic Salt Mill

If there is anything else I can help you with then just let me know.


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