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Claire - Salt and Pepper Mills PLUS

Peugeot Salt Mill - Repair and Reconditioning Service

30th January 2015 14:01

Q hello--i have just discovered your on-line service and, having a peugeot salt cellar which has never worked very well, i have now tried using a different type of salt. This is working very well, but it still looks as if i might be grinding some of the innards of the mill along with the salt, as there are fine brown particles still in the mix! Please advise. I bought the mill from a store in Arbroath but they no longer deal with the supplier so cannot have the mechanism checked and treated. Thank you for your informative site---i had no idea that there would be such a difference between wet and dry salt, Kay

A Thankyou for your email and glad that you found our site informative. We do not offer a checking, repair or treatment service, I'm afraid, so if the anti corrosion treatment on your salt mill mechanism has come away, we don't have a means of checking this for you. The brown may be rust from a long period with the salt mill containing a wet salt, but I can't be sure. The agents for Peugeot are called Burton McCall - they deal with warranty claims and basic repairs on Peugeot mills so they may be able to give you better advice on how to revive your mill, if it is possible to do so. Their phone number is 0116 234 4646

I hope that they can help and I am sorry that we can't sort it out for you, but I would be going beyond the boundaries of our expertise and could well give you poor advice when there may be a health issue involved!

Good luck! - Laura

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