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My Peugeot Pepper Grinder won't grind. Help please!

29th April 2013 17:22

Q I have a Peugeot Madras Pepper Mill bought as a gift from Villeroy and Boch in Portsmouth on 01/12/2009. Unfortunately it has stopped grinding peppercorns. It has only been used for black peppercorns and I have always followed the manufacturers care recommendation. I have the original receipts. I have contacted V&B who said it was nothing to with them and that I should Google Peugeot. Easier said than done! Yours is the only sensible website I have found that might be able to help me activate the lifetime grinder warranty. Hopefully you can help.

A Thank you for your email and I am sorry to hear that you have a problem with your Peugeot Mill In 9 out of 10 cases I have seen, problems with the grind in pepper mills is caused by a rogue peppercorn becoming lodged in the grind chamber or if the type of pepper being used is changed and the peppercorns are slightly too big. Pepper mills should be filled with standard hard, black peppercorns. Standard corns are rarely more than 5mm across. If you are using very soft corns (such as the pink Green or White mixes that are becoming popular) or larger than 5mm corns, these can cause intermittent grinding problems or clogging of the mechanism.

If you are happy that the right type of pepper is being used then the next step is to empty the mill and turn it upside down and give a firm tap at the base of the mill to see if this dislodges anything. If nothing, I normally take a long thin object, such as a wooden Kebab Skewer and gently feel around inside the grind chamber to see if anything has become stuck or clogged.

If none of these tips work, then the UK importer for Peugeot are Burton McCall and you can contact them on the number below where someone should be able to help you with your warranty claim.

A Thank you for your advice. I had tried most of your suggestions previously, but last weekend I had a few extra taps on the base of the grinder and poked about with a bamboo barbecue skewer. When I thought it was empty I repeated the procedure and out popped another 2 peppercorns. I have refilled it with fresh black peppercorns and it seems to be working fine. I was careful to make sure that Mr Tesco had not slipped any oversized or coloured peppercorns into the pack before refilling. Thanks so much.

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