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I'm looking for really small spice jars

15th October 2006 18:09
Dear Claire
How deep are your spice jars, i.e. how far will it stick out if I stick it on the side of my fridge?

Hi Alex
I am guessing that you mean one of the Soho Spices Spice Jars? The jars are 5cm deep by 6.5cm diameter - I'll add this information to each of the range, not just the set of 5 shakers alone.

Thanks for your help. I'm looking for some really small ones and not finding them.
- Most households have 4 or less people.
- Many spices need changing regularly if you like them fresh.So I buy fresh every two months with five colleagues and split them.
- My kitchen is tiny.
I think I'll buy some tiny metal tea boxes.
regards, Alex

Thanks for your feed back - I will put very small spice jars on my "next products" search. I can see why people would need them - we have the same problem with spices being held in too big quantities and going stale. Should of thought of this before!

In terms of finding a good product, do metal tea boxes really work? - my reservations would be

1. the seal on the lid - will the spices get stale anyway?
2. ? the type of metal/corrosion concerns
3. controlling the amount of spice that comes out
4. attractiveness/style
5. quality of the manufacture and materials - I only like selling good products!

I am going to a trade fair this weekend so I will look out for things..
Best of luck with the tea boxes - let me know if they work well and I may well sell them on the site
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