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Ideas for designing and creating a new salt and pepper mill

2nd September 2006 18:02
I am 16 and in my final year at school. I have chosen to study design and technology as one of my subjects. This involves doing a project whereby I need to research, design and create a product. I have chosen to create a pair of salt and pepper mills.

I have researched you as one of the largest and most successful designers and distributors of salt and pepper mills and I was hoping that you may be able to give me some advice or hints. if not Iwas wondering if you may be able to point me in the direction of somebody who may be able to do this.

Thanks Tom Hodges

Hi Tom
Thanks for your interest in us. We are distributors of salt and pepper
mills but not designers! From a distributors point of view, I would say:

1. I decided to only sell high quality mills because I was sick of
thosethat break in weeks
2. The is a large market for the cheap mill, but I try to persuade
shoppers that a single sale of an expensive mill with a good mechanism is a good investment
3. you could try to design the body of the mill around a tried and
tested quality mechanism. Peugeot ( the best, I think, with a lifetime
guarantee and with trad mechanisms specific to the condiment you are
using). Crushgrind ( general purpose ceramic mechanism with a lifetime
guarantee) are the top ranges, I think. Dont know where you would source the mechanisms, except by
buying a pair of mills!
4. In terms of new more original design, have a look at the upside
down crushgrind mills on our site - they are quite a good idea - leave no mess on the table.
5. Regarding the body of the mill, each material has its own
drawbacks -
wood if dropped can crack and doesnt like the wet, acrylics can also
crack if dropped, metal ones dent if dropped.

Problems with mills that a great designer could try to resolve

- clogging up of the mechanism when used over cooking (steam gets into the condiment)
- leaving bits on the table after use
- bodies that could break long before the quality mechanisms
- difficulty in the turning action that some people with arthrytis etc

hope this helps to give you ideas and best of luck

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