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What kind of salt to use in a Peugeot salt mill?

24th June 2011 14:53

Q Having used a Peugeot salt mill and pepper mill recently in a restaurant I was very inpressed and thinking about buying a set for home, but concerned about the warnings about not using Wet Sea Salt or fleur de sel. I've tried to find out more and now understand that I shouldn't use Maldon or Re, but no confirmation about what brands I can use. I still don't know how to tell wet sea salt and dry sea salt apart. Would brands that are available in the supermarket (e.g. SAXA sea salt crystals) be OK to use or do I have to buy from a specialist supplier?

A Thankyou for your email and glad you liked the Peugeot mills . In terms of which salt to use, the link below recommends Tidman's rock salt which is available in supermarkets:

Peugeot Tahiti Mills

You do not need to go to a specialist supplier. There are many brands that will be suitable for the Peugeot mills, although I have not used the Saxa sea sat crystals myself so I cannot be certain that they are recommended. The basic test is that you can hold a crystal between thumb and forefinger and it is difficult to crush. If the crystal passes this test, then it should be ok for the Peugeot mills. Soft or wet salts tend to clog the mills and stop them working.

Hope this helps

Best wishes - Claire Hodgson

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