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Claire - Salt and Pepper Mills PLUS

I like the glossy zassenhaus mills (pair black and white). I'm confused with the types of salt and pepper, thought you just put peppercorns and salt crystals in it - please could you explain!

6th September 2010 16:48

Here is an explanation of the types of salt and pepper that can be used in each mill


Stainless steel mechanisms, as in the Peugeot mills, can use rock salt/table salt but not suitable for "wet" sea salt like Sel de Guerande, Maldon, Sel de Re. Tidman rock salt is a "dry" salt should be fine for all our mills and is easily available in supermarkets. Each of our mills explain which salt is recommended by the manufacturer. In a nutshell, you should choose a CrushGrind ceramic mill if you want to use Maldon Sea Salt or other "wet" sea salts. The other mills take a dry sea salt crystal, including the Zassenhaus mills. The Zassenhaus have ceramic mechanisms but neverthelss the manufacturer recommends that a dry sea salt is used. The danger with wet sea salt is clogging of the mechanism and corrosion of metal surfaces - if you definite like a wet sea salt then I would recommend a CrushGrind wooden mill - no metal at all!

Salt packets should make it clear which type of salt is being sold. You can physically test which type of salt you are using. If you put the salt granual or crystal between thumb and forefinger and try to crush it rock salt will either not be affected or will shatter. Wet sea salt on the other hand will just be crushed. It is much softer than rocksalt.


Peppercorns are, by and large, peppercorns. There are some brands that are extra large. Peugeot recommended a standard black peppercorn be used - expected diameter of the corn is 5mm max. All the mill brands, including the Zassenhaus recommend using standard peppercorns as this means that the corns will drop into the grinding chamber smoothly and easily, resulting in a consistant grind. Using too large peppercorns can mean that the grinding unit gets jammed or does not have a quick and easy supply of corns, so can grind on "empty" if you like. Again, the most forgiving mechanism in terms of corn size is the CrushGrind ceramic mills.

One last final point, from the description above, you would be forgiven for thinking that the CrushGrind mills are the best. I do not mean this. Their mill bodies are not as well built, and their ceramic mechanism is a "jack of all trades" rather than a master of each condiment. Using the recommended condiment, you will get a better grind of salt or pepper using the top brands of Peugeot, Cilio and Zassenhaus. But you should be lead by the type of salt or pepper that you want to grind.

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