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I am interested in the Peugeot Vittel set. I use Himalyan salt crystals . Can they be used with this salt mill?

18th June 2010 15:21


I am interested in the Peugeot Vittel set. I use Himalyan salt crystals and I wonder if you know these and if they canbe used with this salt mill? They are mined and I think are dry but would like confirmation that they can be used with this model.


The Peugeot Vittel mills can be used with salt crystals but not wet salt. Wet salt will clog the mechanism. I am afraid we are not familiar with Himalayan salt crystals so cannot comment as to suitability. It seems like they should be fine however we cannot confirm this for you. It might be worth confirming with the manufacturers of your salt as to exactly what it is.


Thanks for your reply. All the salt in my existing mill is dry and it still works so I think it will be okay.

Herewith info on the salt.

Himalayan Salt is of the purest, highest grade salt that has been formed for over 250 million years without exposure to pollution. Over time, its energy was built up, forming a crystalline structure with a high concentration of life force energy.

Himalayan crystal salt is a full-spectrum salt. Instead of just getting sodium and chloride, you're getting a full spectrum of trace minerals as well. Table salt is just sodium chloride. You don't get the trace minerals, and it is those trace minerals those other 90 elements that you need in order to be a healthy, vibrant human being.

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