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What size peppercorns with a Peugeot Pepper Mill take and where can I get them?

14th June 2010 21:46

There has been some very involved debate recently between myself, my customers, the UK Peugeot agents and indeed Peugeot themselves, with regard to the size of peppercorns that can be used in a Peugeot Pepper Mill.

I am pleased to announce that Peugeot have recently modified their production so that their pepper mills will accommodate a slightly larger size of peppercorns. The recommended size is approximately 5mm - which should mean most standard peppercorn brands. You do need to steer clear of the large multicoloured corn brands that are on the market.

Peugeot mills tend to be fussier than other pepper mills with regard to the size of the peppercorn. This is because they have a 7 toothed grinding mechanism. This makes for a more efficient grind but means that the larger corns do not drop so easily into the grinder. I can understand this. I know that the more flexible CrushGrind mills certainly take bigger corns, but they are simply not as good at grinding. And as the gaps in the grinding mechanism are comparatively large, the pepper mills leave a lot of bits on the table, too. So if you looking for the best grind, and can live with standard peppercorns, then I would heartily recommend Peugeot.

Peugeot are going to be testing a whole array of different peppercorn brands, and will be publishing a list of brands that are recommended. So watch this space.....

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