Peugeot manual grinding mechanisms are covered by a genuine lifetime guarantee against any manufacturing faults

If the mechanism is found to be at fault whether it be in 5 or 50 years time, the mill will be repaired or replaced as long as it has not been misused. Misuse can be anything from sticking a screwdriver into the mechanism to putting in the wrong ingredient e.g. salt in a pepper mill.

The U select function of the mill is part of the mill body and not the grinding mechanism

For electric mills, the motor is guaranteed for 2 years, not for a lifetime

All Peugeot mills are made to catering standard, for use all day, every day.

Please note: The current UK distributors of Peugeot do not cover return costs on any warranty claims, whether agreed or refused.

Peugeot give a 2 YEAR guarantee on the body of any mill

This guarantee applies as long as the mill hasn't been misused. Misuses could include using a scouring pad on a lacquered finish or dropping the mill on the floor, for example.

The U select function of the mill is part of the mill body and not the grinding mechanism

Please note: The current UK distributors of Peugeot do not cover return costs on any warranty claims, whether agreed or refused.

CrushGrind® mills have a lifetime guarantee on the mechanism

They have been tested to equivalent of 400 years of domestic use. Problems resulting from abuse, neglect or failure to follow instructions for use are not covered by the guarantee. If the ceramic grinder needs replacing, please call and we can send you one through the post for free.

CrushGrind® mills benefit from a 12 month guarantee on the mill body

Damage by misuse such as dropping on a hard floor is not covered by guarantee.

Kuchenprofi 20 year warranty on domestic use

We have chosen a small selection of the Kuchenprofi salt and pepper mills which offer a 20 year guarantee on domestic use.

Top Gourmet (Cilio) give 25 year warranty on the mechanism

The 25 year warranty on the mechanism can really considered a lifetime warranty so I was happy to feature these mills. As ever, misuse is not covered.

AdHoc 2 year warranty

Adhoc offer the follow warranties for normal household use only:2 year warranty on the grinder as free from defects in material and workmanship.

Traditional Silver Mills - NO lifetime guarantee

The traditional silver mills (including the Miniature Silver Mills, the Silver and Rosewood Mills, and the Traditional Silver Mills) are the only salt and pepper mills that we feature which DO NOT have an extensive guarantee on the mechanism. The mechanisms are bought from Cole & Mason by our specialist silver suppliers, who add the mill bodies to them. The silversmiths have advised us that there are rarely problems with the mill mechanisms, and if one occurs during the first months of use, then they will have them back for repair or replacement. However, there is no written guarantee offered.

Trudeau give a lifetime warranty

The lifetime warranty does not appear to be limited to the grinding mechanism. The products are warranted under normal household use.

Wesco give 25 years on the mechanism

Wesco give a 25 year guarantee on the CrushGrind mechanism that is the grinding mechanism in their mills

The mill body has a Wesco guarantee of 2 years

Like our other brands, the warranties do not cover damage by misuse. Please follow our product care instructions, available on the left-hand navigation.

Soho Spices 1 year guarantee

Soho Spices spice racks and spice jars are beautifully engineered and made from high quality materials. They come with a 1 year manufacturer's guarantee.

Zassenhaus 25 year guarantee on the mechanism

Zassenhaus offer a 25 year guarantee on the mechanism. I don't believe that this is of less value than the lifetime guarantee - just a less sweeping way of saying the same thing.

Zassenhaus 1 year guarantee on the mill body

The manufacturers offer a 1 year warranty on the mill body. This does not include wear and tear or accidental damage or mis use. Please follow the instructions on the use of your mill

Just give us a call on 01363 881174 if you need to claim under the guarantees/warranties. We are happy to deal with the manufacturers for you.

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